Welcome to SkylarScape!

Welcome to SkylarScape!


Our website is currently under construction…


Basic Info:


1. Server Host

99.999% Uptime
VPS @ 4 GB of Ram
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-1650 0 Duo core at 3.20 GHZ each
Located in United States

2. Server Rates

Melee Combat EXP: x180
Range Combat EXP: x180
Magic Combat EXP: x180

Skill Average EXP: x55

3. Server Features

Working Clan Chat with Ranks
Netty System
Old School Interface
Resizable client WITH saving
Remove Roofs WITH saving
Boss Pets
Duel Arena
Barrows Minigame
God Wars Dungeon
Warriors Guild [WIP]
Clue Scroll System
Pest Control
Wildy Bosses
Slayer & Duo Slayer
Vote 4 Points with free donation points via voting.
Blow Pipe
New Oldschool weapons and armour
Based off our classic server, SkylarScape
Fixed Buy & Sell X Methods
Re-doing NPC Drop Tables
SkylarScape Classic Customs
Discord Chat
Records the amount of bones buried
RuneCrafting Overhauled
FREE Temporary Donator Status
Donator Zones